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Events The Anzac Day Tradition

April 25th or the Anzac day marks Australia’s most important national occasion. It marks the anniversary for the first major military action that was fought by Australian and New Zealand forces dur...

TV5MONDE , 23/04/2014 18:31

Life In Paris Cool store

Here is a cool store front that I found at 52 rue des Trois frères in the 18th arrondissement. I was lucky enough that there weren't any cars parked in front of it for it's a pretty narrow street f...

Eric Tenin , 23/04/2014 13:00

Life In Paris Going up the Champs Elysées

Two days ago, I was driving on the Champs Elysées and I came across a group of people walking up the upper part of the avenue towards the Arch of Triumph, probably to revive the flame of the unknow...

Eric Tenin , 15/04/2014 10:41

Fashion Blanc Miracle

The unpredictable weather for the past months has discouraged my skin to use any foundations. Other than my magazine photo shoots, I haven’t really been using foundation for a while. It frustrates ...

Veronica Li , 15/04/2014 10:35

Events Khmer New Year

The Khmer New Year is one of Cambodia’s major holidays. Communities with roots in the Khmer culture would return to their homes for three whole days to celebrate this occasion. The Khmer New...

TV5MONDE , 09/04/2014 10:52

Events Je Danse Toujours - HK Theatre Association

A one-woman poetic stage play on the French Resistance Performed in French with English surtitles. With Ariele Zanini our pianist, Margaux Bordaz our singer, Mohamed Drissi our choreograph.

HK Theatre Association , 08/04/2014 16:18

Events Celebrating New Years Yet Again: Songkran Festival

There are different ways for people to celebrate the coming of New Years. While western countries use fireworks for the celebration, Asian countries such as China use other means like dragon dance....

TV5MONDE , 08/04/2014 11:47

Fashion From Runway to Nails : Oscar De La Renta

In my previous post featuring Oscar de la Renta’s floral dress, I share with you all how obsessed I was with the print. Well it didn’t just end on my bed sheet, the crazy obsession extended to my b...

Veronica Li , 07/04/2014 15:45

Life In Paris Paris Belvedere

It may be an Italian word, but we do have a "belvedere" in Paris, that is a very high point from where you can see a 360° panorama. I went there yesterday and it was the perfect day for it, for the...

Eric Tenin , 07/04/2014 14:34

Events Qing Ming Festival

Ching Ming, or “QingMing”, is a festival known as the Remembrance of Ancestors Day or the Grave Sweeping Day. This date is indicated on the Chinese Lunar calendar by the two characters: “Qing...

TV5MONDE , 02/04/2014 15:16
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