I'm Emilie, a French artist who fell in love with New Zealand and its culture when traveling around the country 10 years ago. I've decided to settle in Aotearoa in 2012 with my husband and my half French/half Kiwi son. As a newcomer, I explore the culture and environment of New Zealand through my paintings and illustrations. I am here to share with you my experiences, work and everyday life here as an illustrator and most of all my love for this amazing country and its people!

More native birds of New Zealand: Kākā, Kea and Kākāpō

New Zealand based French illustrator Émilie Géant shares tidbits from her latest works and more on the country's native birds.

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Tui, Fantail and Pukeko: New Zealand's native birds

As an illustrator whose art often focuses on New Zealand's endemic birds, Emilie is here to tell you more about them in her blog series!

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An interview with Emilie Géant, French illustrator based in New Zealand

Emilie is a French illustrator currently based in New Zealand. See her fascinating work depicting the country's breathtaking landscape, culture, endemic bird species and many more!

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