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Matthieu Chedid, better known by his stage name –M-, is a highly respected guitarist who appeared in the 90’s with a cartoonesque look with a M shaped haircut, and outfits that reminded people of Prince or Elton John.  This famous French pop star, a gifted musician and a composer with a never-seen killer guitar arrived in Hong Kong to perform at the E-MAX Music Zone on the evening of 4th of March.

A story behind –M-
            Chedid carries a unique background as the son of a famous French pop singer, Louis Chedid and grandson of a French poetess, Andrée Chedid, and also a sister who is a concert director. As Chedid was born into a family full of artist, Chedid started to form his own identity as –M- instead of Matthieu Chedid, a character other than his parent’s identity.
            Chedid explains the biggest significance in being Matthieu Chedid and –M-, is that –M- is the artistic side of him. Chedid explained further that he really liked the idea of being known as –M- because in the French language, “-M-“ sounds like the word “aime” which means love in English where he relates this concept to each of his music.
Matthieu Chedid and –M-
            Chedid believes that his interest in music did not come at a young age but instead; he was born into the life of music. Chedid quotes “I did not pick up music as an interest but I was born in the music field due to my father’s influence. I was born with many musicians as I was growing up.” Chedid passionately speaks about his childhood and the amount of influence he attained from his father, Louis Chedid.  “My father listened to different music such as the Beatles. He was really into Beatlemania!.” He further described his father’s unique music as he claimed that he played his music like a he was in the new generation. “My father loved to mixed English music and French music. Like Alan Jackson, Michel Jonasz, and Serge Gainsbourg.” The further added, “I’ve built my musical culture that way. A parallel culture from my father and my own path.”
–M- and Paul McCartney
            As for a different persona on and off the stage, Chedid shared with us his most memorable experience as being –M-. Chedid encountered a chance to meet Paul McCartney through a simple phone call regarding a photo shoot of Rock & Folk with him and McCartney. He added on, “After that, I got the chance to jam with Paul McCartney around an hour with just the two of us… I was able to ask him questions I’ve always wanted to ask. It was a spectacular and simple moment.”
  -M-’s inspirations: “Diversity and Contradictory Influence”
            -M- inspirations were all under a single concept of Diversity and Contradictory Influence. “I love the mix of things. My music is not just one style but it’s many styles. Producing each song is a new experience for me. Sometimes I mix Jimi Hendrix and Serge Gainsbourg… I love the Prince but I also like music such as Jacques Brel. So it’s two different styles but I love to mix these different types of music. As for me, I know my voice is quite unique and adaptive to different types of music. That’s how I get my inspiration.”
-M-’s hobby: “A Hidden Talent”
            Chedid carries a unique charisma with a deep passion in music. However, this big star also carries a hidden talent other than music it self.  Chedid quotes “I love images! I believe music is also visual… I love to create a universal image! I love photography and sometimes I go out to take photographs. I think this is all related to the artistic side of me… I have my camera around with me most times.”
-M- and Asia
            Among the few Asia tours he had performed, Chedid comments on his own fans located in Asia and his near-future goals. “I believe there is a difference in my fans but the truth is, it’s a little too early for me to know with the tour.  I’ve had in the past since most of my audiences are French people…  It is my intention however, to perform more in China and to play music also for Chinese people who are interested in the French music. But it’s rather easy for me to have these tours since there are lots of French expats around the whole of Asia.  Perhaps maybe after this tour, it would be more clear!“
            He adds on, “If I were to choose where to travel in Asia…It might be either Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. They are different in their own ways. Each of them is just like entering a new world for me. But I really liked Shanghai’s historical side, plus it’s impressive compared to its modern side…I was only there for a few days but perhaps the biggest impression I had of China, was the Great Wall of China. It was very impressive.“
Asian Influence in France
            France is well known all over Asia for their high-end fashion brands, exquisite gourmet, movies and even music. As for Chedid, the most significant Asian influence in France was technology produced in China. “Technology… I think the modernity in China is very impressive. China is the future for us. Unfortunately, for Europe or France, it’s declining… China is the future for me…”

Closing words from –M-
“For me it’s very memorable to have this experience to have this moment.
All of the first time experiences are always memorable.”  
– Matthieu Chedid (-M-)
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