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‘Gaecheonjeol’ (Korean: 개천절, hanja: 開天節) is National Foundation Day of Korea and it is observed on 3 October. This public holiday celebrates the creation of the state of Gojoseon (ancient Korea) founded by Dangun in the year 2333 BC. ‘Gaecheon’ means "The Opening of Heaven" refers to 3 October B.C. 2457, the date when Hwanung, son of the supreme deity in the traditional Korean pantheon, descended from heaven to live with mankind. Hwanung was the one who passed on knowledge to the people including a morality code, agriculture, and various other trappings of civilization.
There is a very interesting legend of Dangun, son of Hwanung, how he was born. When Hwanung descended to the world, he was approached by two animals: a tiger and a bear who desired to become human. After consideration, Hwanung decided to grant their wish if they can overcome a challenge: he gave them twenty cloves of garlic and a bunch of mugwort for food and commanded them to retire into a cave for 100 days.  If they exited the cave before the 100 days, they would not be turned into humans. The bear, who had a patient nature, overcame the challenge so Hwanung made good on his promise and turned the bear into a woman who was named Ung-nyeo. On the other hand, the tiger that was impatient left the cave before the 100 days and fail to become a human. Later on Hwanung who took pity on Ung-nyeo who couldn’t find a husband among her new member species and married her, having a child together who is Dangun. Dangun established the first Korean kingdom of Gojoseon in 2333 BC and he would rule as king for nearly two thousand years.

Since 1909, Gaecheonjeol was enacted as a national holiday and the festival is held annually. As it is a public holiday in South Korea, so most schools, businesses, banks, and government offices are closed. On that day, a special event attended by government officials, foreign ambassadors, and some commoners are usually held at Performing Arts in Seoul. This event includes the opening ceremony, introduction speech from South Korean government, singing of South Korean national anthem, swearing National courtesy, and many art performances. Especially this year there are diverse festivities will be held nationwide such as parade led by horse riding unit, firework, marathon tournament, concerts, exhibitions and many more.

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