Events  Press release from April 9th 2015
09/04/201500:00 TV5MONDE
 April 9th 2015

On Wednesday April 8th, at 8.50pm Paris time, TV5MONDE broadcast and technical centres in Paris have been attacked by cyber terrorists for which the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility.
This has resulted in the truncation of TV5MONDE’s global broadcasting services across all 11 TV Channels, available in over 250 million homes worldwide, from 10pm to 5am Paris time. A substitute schedule was then broadcasted on the global network. 
From 10am onwards, the 11 channels’ specific programmes went back to normal, with the exception of the News and subtitling.
Social media pages, websites and email addresses have not yet been reactivated.
TV5MONDE teams and technical service providers supported by the national agency for the security of information systems, are working relentlessly to restore the Group's digital streaming and content.
No prior message or threat had led us to expect such an attack.
According to experts and given the very high level of system security in place in addition to the regular checks carried out, this cyber-attack is likely to be the result of very well conceived plans and was organised with significant resources.
TV5MONDE is fully supported by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, as well as the French Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Culture and Communication. TV5MONDE group’s channels and states partners along with the International Organisation of La Francophonie are also strongly committed to help the Group’s production and worldwide distribution to be totally restored as soon as possible.

Press contacts:
Carole Reichardt Tel. +33(0) 1 44 18 55 62
Leila Albaoui   Tel. +33(0) 1 44 18 48 10
Asia Pacific office : +852 2989 6090
TV5MONDE is the world's cultural TV network in French. It is broadcasted in French and offers a wide variety of exclusive subtitled primetime films, world-class sports events, high-quality documentaries, kids’ programs, cooking and design lessons, as well as exciting game shows and in-depth coverage of international news. With a network of 10 channels reaching 265 million homes worldwide on all platforms and over-the-top, and localized programming subtitled in 12 languages, TV5MONDE reaches the world’s business and cultural elite as well as the vast global community of Francophiles.

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