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Françoise Giroud, the mysteries of a free woman - On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, watch the special program about Françoise Giroud, a heroin of the French feminism.  

France has experienced several waves and movements of feminism across history, the earliest of which took place during the French revolution... Feminism today is still part of some everyday battles in France and in the world. To celebrate the Women’s Day, let’s honor Françoise Giroud (1916 - 2003), the founding editor of the famous News magazine L’Express, who influenced both journalism and politics. 
With Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, her pen had the politicians quaking before she herself became secretary of state. Despite her will of iron, she wasn't spared the wounds of life. Her beguiling smile hid a personality that was mysterious, rough, brilliant and brutal, but also sentimental...
One of her most famous quote is: 
“A woman will be really the equal to man, if one day, an incompetent woman is designated to an important position.”
- Françoise Giroud

You can check the schedule on TV5MONDE Pacific for “Un jour, un destin”  
Directed by: Emmanuelle Ménage (France, 2015)
Presented by: Laurent Delahousse.

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