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04/08/201611:40 TV5MONDE
Corso de la Lavande (August 5th-9th)
Did you know that France had a Festival especially dedicated to Lavender? The strong emblem of Provence is at its apogee for almost a week, in Digne-les-Bains starting on August 5th.

The word ‘Corso’ comes from Italy (that is to say not far from Provence) and refers to a social promenade or parade, usually in the streets or across a village.
The first Corso of Lavender appeared quite a while ago in 1929 in order to promote the blue flower, for which Digne-les-Bains was the capital city. It has been held almost every year since then. 


The celebration does not only include an international parade with 500 dancers and musicians around massive floral floats (in French: les chars) but also day and night festivities: music with local and foreign folk groups, clearance sales, fireworks and a grand ball…  
The public will be given pouches filled with lavender.


Do you know the signification of the lavender?

Offering lavender to a friend, a family member or the person you love expresses 
tenderness. This is also the flower you offer to ask for forgiveness. Lavender is definitely a good choice as a gift!

Thanks to this event, the sweet fragrance of lavender will surely bring you back some beautiful memories! 
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