Fashion  Every Girl's Best Friend: the Little Black Dress Part II
23/11/201600:00 Fren'CHIC Touch
Hello, ladies! Ready for more style tips?

Last time, we talked about the importance of having la petite robe noire (the little black dress) in your wardrobe. It's a should, would, must-have. A little black dress makes styling and dressing up/down easy, classic and elegant. Let me give you 3 examples that will prove to you that this little fashion number is, or will be, your meilleure amie (best friend).

1. So, you are on a date with the man of your dreams. Eep! Panic! You want to dress to impress, but at the same time you don’t want to show off and make him believe that tonight will lead to, well, an eventful evening. Let him desire you instead. The best seduction often reinforces itself in the simplest of style notes. Do not spend hours thinking about what to wear; your little black dress and your self-confidence will be your best asset.

2. Turning your daytime's little black dress into an elegant dress-me-up for the soirée: you simply do not have the time to prepare for an evening after work. By chance, you are wearing your little black dress. It is the perfect scenario to embody the "she's got it!" style by turning your dress into an elegant outfit for any evening occasion.

When stretching your day out in the same piece of wear, the same motto applies: play with accessories! Find a beautiful scarf in silk or wear a colourful belt. For shoes, I always go for flashy shoes, using them to draw a line between "what I wore this morning" versus the evening. Plus, it will help me accentuate my mood or style of the day. For bags or purses, a clutch will be the perfect choice. Et voilà, in few minutes with simple changes, you’re ready to go.

3. Show off your rebel mood with a rock’n’roll style: time to be imaginative and search in your drawer for everything that can give you a trendy rock chic - studded boots, leather, metal, jewellery, red lipstick, and of course without forgetting the French touch with messy hair.
If you can be sure about something, know that you can never a mistake with the little black dress. That is, if you learn and master how to wear it, of course! As Karl Lagerfeld eloquently puts it, “one is never over-dressed nor under-dressed with a little black dress”! 
I'm Caroline, French brunette who decided to expand my life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lots of travels on this amazing planet, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia. Passionate about fashion, beauty, and lover of my French culture, I wanted to start a blog, just for fun (oui oui), to share with you my thoughts, tips, secrets, and my favourite places that bring me back to France.

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