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Whether it is a cocktail, a dinner, an important meeting or a date, don’t be stuck with the age-old lament of “I have nothing to wear!” Take it from us, girls: the little black dress will always, always be très chic.

If you do not have a little black dress already, it is time for you to go shopping. It is the must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Short, long, with or without corsage, in winter or summer, trust us when we say that there really is a little black dress waiting for us somewhere in a shop.


Do you know the story behind the little black dress?

Allow us to take you back in time and be immersed in the world of Coco Chanel. Far from the glamourous and the sparkling reputation it has today, la petite robe noire (the little black dress - not so little nor short at this time) was once reserved for widows of the First World War. It was only in the 1920s when women decided to give black a chance, resulting in black dresses appearing in a lot of fashion magazines. In 1926, Coco Chanel made history by rolling out a strong promotion of the little black dress, seducing women and the fashion industry alike with its simplicity. 
Indeed, less is more. Americans were completely wooed over with it, seeing in it the expression of a modern woman. It even received the term “Chanel’s Ford” in the United States. 

Girls, your little black dress is the one friend who never fails. She will never disappoint you, she will be there for you when you’re confused in your choices about what to wear and she will travel with you. You need to find the right one, the one you know that will stick around in your wardrobe for a long time.

Where is the challenge then, you ask? Well, finding the right dress is one thing, but knowing how to wear it is another. 
Here are our few rules to follow, and what you can do to avoid faux-pas with the little black dress.

Classic is Queen
Quoting the great Chanel, simplicity is the keynote of true elegance. When you choose your little black dress, make sure it’s not too much. The power of the little black dress resides in its simplicity. When Chanel redesigned the little black dress, she deleted all frills, making the piece suitable for wear at any time of the day. Avoid design details that could take away the elegance of the dress. Skip those flashy buttons or the big frilly collar. Do not hesitate to invest in your little black dress by choosing high-end fabrics (skip the synthetics, however); while you’re at it, make sure the shape is timeless. When you make your purchase, remember that this dress will follow you for a long time. Make it suitable for wear in important events in your life.

I will never cease to repeat that accessorises are your assets. Like your choosing of a little black dress, make sure you find the right accessories and not go overboard. Let a Chanel quote sink in here when you pair your dress with your accessories: dress shabbily, they notice the dress. Dress impeccably, they notice the woman.

Finding beautiful jewellery that will highlight your complexion to offset the black can be tough. For myself, I always have a preference for a sautoir (long necklace). Remember, if you wear earrings, do not wear a necklace and vice versa. The motto? Less is more!  

Now that you have found your perfect little black dress, it’s OK to go wild! In my opinion, the most common faux-pas is to wear black shoes with a black dress. The only exception is the occasion; once in a while, this style match would work. For example, if you are going for a grunge look, studded black boots could really kick your style up a notch. 

If you are wearing your little black dress during the day, go for printed flats, sandals or runners. Leopold print is a super fun and bold style, for example. At night, a pair of heels will give a polished, elegant flair to your dress. Skip the black in this case and go for leather.  To make the look even more original, wear your dress along with a pair of sparkly or printed tights!

Remember, you can always, always craft a style of your own with this simple, classic piece. Be yourself and find the right outfit to feel bien dans votre peau ("feeling good in your skin"). Do not be scared to try different outfits, go shopping at your favourite places, and don’t hesitate to ask shop assistants for advice. Trust me on one thing, however; your perfect little black dress will come. Once you see it, it will jump at you just like a long-time friend.
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I'm Caroline, French brunette who decided to expand my life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lots of travels on this amazing planet, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia. Passionate about fashion, beauty, and lover of my French culture, I wanted to start a blog, just for fun (oui oui), to share with you my thoughts, tips, secrets, and my favourite places that bring me back to France.

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