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Do you know the Emerald coast of France? Why is it called with such a name? 
If you don’t have the opportunity to watch our beautiful documentary Des Racines et Des Ailes about this magic region this week, read this: 
Where is the Emerald coast?
It is the name given to the North coast of Brittany, between the Cap Fréhel and the town of Cancale. 
The name Emerald was first given in 1889 in reference to the beautiful green emerald color of the sea at certain times, by an erudite person from Dinard called Eugène Herpin.


The main sites and towns are:
Cancale, Pointe du Grouin, Ile de Landes, Ile du Guesclin, Pointe du Meinga, Ile Besnard, Havre de Rothéneuf, Pointe de la Varde, Paramé, Saint-Malo, L’estuaire de la Rance, Saint-Suliac, Dinard, Saint-Lunaire, Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, Lancieux, Ploubalay, Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer, Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, Cap Fréhel, Sables d’Or les Pins, but also Erquy and Pléneuf-Val-André.

The beauty of the coast is unique and holds many characteristics further than the green color of the sea:


This area is geographically located right opposite England, the country of which it has been facing many times historically. This explains the existing ramparts surrounding many cities such as Saint-Malo intra-murros and Dinan, which was totally devastated after the bombing in 1944.  


Corsairs and Malouinières
Whether they are explorers of corsairs, they are all sailors. During the 17th and 18th centuries, many wealthy ship-owners (armateurs) from Saint-Malo build beautiful manor houses called Malouinières. The structures of these houses were lead by shipwrights and resulted in real artistic architectures. One of the last famous corsairs was Robert Surcouf, who won many battles against powerful vessels. 


Beautiful beaches and bathing resorts
Beaches are wonderful on the Emerald coast and especially in Dinard there the sand probably is the finest. Dinard was literally adopted by the English during the second part of the 19th Century when British people came to Dinard, Saint-Lunaire and Saint-Malo to spend their holiday. This helped Dinard to expand to a larger harbor. First villas appeared around 1860, quickly followed by a casino (still existing, you could go there). A train railway was even built in 1887 (but stopped running). 


The Mont-Saint-Michel bay
More in the East, there is the Mont-Saint-Michel area, with Cancale, the fishing harbor, which is also a renowned place for oysters! The village is extremely cute, with the several restaurants facing the embankment sea. The people of Cancale have their reputation and women as much as the men. Men because they had to fight against the invaders coming from abroad, and women for they were the one leading and managaing the families while the men went to Terre-Neuves (Newfoundland) for 6 months. 

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Are you planning to visit the Emerald coast of France?
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