Gastronomy  The 2 little stories of nougat
08/01/201604:00 TV5MONDE


There is always a legend hiding behind the origin of a sweet. What made someone decide to mix these ingredients all together? Sometimes, discoveries are made after mistakes, by accident, or thanks to the power of Love… 
Here are 2 legends about the origin of French nougat (our favourite is the second story)… 


The first story takes place in the city of Montélimar (France) with Aunt Manon and her 2 nieces whose names are Lisa and Lina. Aunt Manon was a talented cook and an excellent pastry chef. Each time Aunt Manon prepared a dessert, her nieces used to exclaim: “Aunt Manon, you are spoiling us”. In French: “Tante Manon, tu nous gâtes” which is pronounced: "Tuhnt Mah-nohng, tuh nooh gâat."
Later on, Lina inherited Diane de Poitiers’s church book, inside of which she found a piece of paper with the recipe of the famous candy called “Tu nous gâtes”. Over time, it just became the famous nougat. The End
The second story is much more romantic. It is about a student in pastry, who once fell in passionate love with a beautiful princess. One day while cooking, he was thinking about his princess. Then he poured in a pan: some honey, which reminded him of the princess's lovely hair; almonds that reminded him of the shape of her eyes; and sugar that evoked her beauty and kindness… Here are all the ingredients that makes one of the most popular candies today: nougat… The End


Have you heared of another different story?
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