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02/04/201605:00 TV5MONDE

This week, meet Axelle Red on Acoustic. While waiting, let’s know more about her.
Axelle Red was born in 1968 in Hasselt (Flanders, Belgium) as Fabienne Demal
Her career started in 1983 with a first vinyl record “Little girls” which was her first success in Belgium (she was only 14 years old).

In 1993, the year of her graduation (in Law subjects), she also signed her first album “Sans plus attendre” with 12 songs under the alias Axelle Red. Sensualités, Je t’attends, et Le Monde tourner mal become big hits and make her successful in France, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium with more than 600,000 singles sold. 


Later on she will perform on the famous Olympia stage in Paris
Axelle Red has been an ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund and is very sensitive to Children and Women Rights. She did traveled to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand to meet women and children exposed to violence, discrimination and prostitution and poverty. 

Two years after her album "Rouge ardent" was released, the Belgian singer has brought out a double album of acoustic covers of her most beautiful songs: "The Songs (Acoustic)". She comes back to her favourite tracks. A rearranged, intimate opus that contains some hitherto unreleased numbers. 

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