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Francophonie through music

It’s a new season of entertainment that starts on TV5MONDE Asia and Pacific: Music Explorer: chasseurs de sons Season 2 is now on! You will find the schedules in your specific country at the end of the blog.
Please note that this program is available with English subtitles.


This complete program is promoting the Francophonie culture through music, and it also makes you travel to different Francophone countries around the world! Great isn’t it?!
The show is led by 4 famous French renowned music artists: Marco Prince, Kenza Farah, Ycare and Tété. These artists have one goal in common. Indeed they have 6 weeks to find a new international talent somewhere in the Francophone world. 


The “sound hunters” - chasseurs de sons - also calling themselves the godfathers - les parrains - all have their own personality. Kenza Farah is the shy one while Ycare is rather extravagant; Marco Prince always very at ease; and Tété often collected as usual. Each of them is sent to a different region or continent.  
Follow them along their trip to Kinshasa, Istanbul, the Réunion Island, or even to New Orleans.


Music Explorer is an incredible musical conquest across the entire world in which each sound hunter is looking for tomorrow’s artists. What makes this program so unique is the combination of a documentary and a TV talent show. In comparison with other shows, it is the godfathers who are traveling to meet the future artists in their personal environment - where they are stronger and more confident - this makes a huge difference!


At the end of their road trip, each artist offers 3 flight tickets to Paris so that there are 12 potential candidates ending-up facing each other on the occasion of 2 big finales. All of them will have a chance to represent and record an album with the label, but also to get a first experience with the public who are asked to vote for their favourite artist. 


Why do we like it? There is music, suspense, a lot of emotions, encounters, laughs and many surprises… What else do we need?


More information about Music explorer can be found on their website: Music Explorer Website
There, you will learn more about the talents, the godfathers, the destinations and all the information you need. You can even register yourself for the next season - yes it could be you!

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