In each episode of “Épicerie fine”, Guy Martin presents a new French region and promotes one of its most prized local products. The Michelin-starred chef meets the people who produce, rear, grow, fish and prepare the very best that French cuisine has to offer, and shares some invaluable tips.
Presented by: Guy Martin.
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Thu 13/1210:30
Episode 23/35
The Auvergne Mountains There is a strong culinary identity deep in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park. From Saint-Nectaire to typical Auvergne charcuterie and "truffade", a dish of boiled, sliced potatoes and melted local cheese, the mountains are full of delicacies. The volcanoes that shaped the landscape carved out gems like Lake Pavin. Presenter: Guy Martin.
Sat 15/1211:31, Mon 17/1201:31, Wed 19/1208:30
Episode 24/35
The Aix-en-Provence area Dominated by Montagne Sainte-Victoire, the countryside around Aix is a land where produce enjoys the sunny climate. Lavender honey, cheese from the milk of Rove goats, almonds, sweet calissons, Mediterranean vegetables and aromatic plants. Here, the heat and light provide the best possible conditions for flavour development. Presenter: Guy Martin.
Sat 22/1211:30, Wed 26/1208:32, Thu 27/1210:30
Episode 25/35
Porto-Vecchio The Porto-Vecchio region and the far south of Corsica abound with characterful produce that reflects the area's traditions. Meeting with a winegrower on his family's land, a breeder of Nustrale pigs, and a mountain guide with a passion for the plants of the wild Corsican brush country. Presenter: Guy Martin.



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