Jean-Luc goes around Belgium, meeting up with celebrities and other notable personalities while exploring what their favourite dish, the locality and more. Join in!

Presented by: Jean-Luc Daniel.
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Tue 19/0209:00
Episode 7/8
Guest: Bernard Yerlès. The actor Bernard Yerlès lives in Belgium but frequently travels to France for filming. So Jean-Luc joins him at the Gare du Midi station in Brussels to drink a café and discuss his favourite dish: beef tagliata cooked over an open wood fire. An encounter rich in simplicity. Presented by: Jean-Luc Daniel.
Tue 26/0209:00
Episode 8/8
Guest: Alex Germys. Along with Todiefor or Henri PFR, the 25 year-old producer and DJ, Alex Germys, embodies new wave electro in Belgium. The programme team meet up with him in his Waterloo studio, they then head off to try jet-skiing and water-skiing before sharing a durum kebab, his favourite dish. Presented by: Jean-Luc Daniel.



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