French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. 'Tendance XXI' showcases a know-how that evolves in tune with the times, sometimes even anticipating them.


Commentary: Viviane Blassel.

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Sun 30/0716:26, Mon 31/0708:30
Episode 23/33
On the agenda: - Fashion news in Info Mode ! - La Feuille d'or restores the great masterpieces of literature - Cliché looks at the history of the travel trunk - Tammy and Benjamin, handbag designers - Secret passage - The tracksuit makes its comeback - Deyrolle, cabinet of curiosities Commentary: Viviane Blassel.
Sun 06/0816:30, Mon 07/0808:30
Episode 24/33
In today's programme: - Fashion news! - The clothing brand Mes Demoiselles - Cliché: a brief history of make-up - Metal spinning with Edmond Allain - The Compagnie Générale de Biscuiterie - Pleats make a comeback - The Arthus-Bertrand factory Commentary: Viviane Blassel.
Sun 13/0816:30, Mon 14/0808:30
Episode 25/33
In today's programme: - Fashion news! - The reopening of the Ritz and the restoration of the Vendôme Column - Cliché: a brief history of the hair bun - Marli recycles fabrics - The Manufacture Macé - Brocade makes a comeback - Thierry Marx's herb garden Commentary: Viviane Blassel.