52-year-old Franck is a overnight security guard in a shopping centre. Once a skilled worker and union representative, he was a fighter. Today, however, he's become resigned to his boring life. A mysterious 4x4 prowling around the car park catches his eye. Something's about to happen and Franck decides to intervene.

Directed by: Pierre Jolivet (France, 2014)

Cast: Olivier Gourmet (Franck), Valérie Bonneton (Mylène), Marc Zinga (Ketu), Thierry Hancisse (Étienne), Jean-François Cayrey (Antoine), Paco Boublard (Le Bouclé), Nader Boussandel (Ahmed), Vincent Debost (Denis), Yassine Douighi (Chad), Julie Ferrier (Jeanne), Bruno Bénabar (Pedro)
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