Paris, 1895. One night, Madeleine and her son Victor, special advisor to President Félix Faure, are present when someone is murdered at the Elysée Palace. When Victor is questioned as a key witness, Madeleine realises he's hiding crucial information. She quickly needs to choose between national interest and blood ties...

Directed by: Renaud Bertrand (France, 2018)

Screenplay: Elsa Marpeau, Florent Meyer 

Cast: Clémentine Célarié (Madeleine Gassard), Gilbert Melki (Augustin Normand), Gauthier Battoue (Victor Darmont), Alain Doutey (Félix Faure), David Salles (Casimir Jambard), Luis Inacio (the killer), Gérard Hernandez (Richmond)

Genre: detective

Parental guidance: TV-PG
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