Acoustic is the “can’t-miss” music program broadcasted each week with a special guest artist featured from the French-speaking musical industry.

Host: Sébastien Folin

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Sat 03/0617:31, Sun 04/0611:29, Mon 05/0622:07
Episode 39/50
Guest: Gaspard Royant. Though resembling something straight out of the 60s, he´s very much a child of the 90s and Nirvana´s grunge. With his slicked hair, retro suit and black shoes, the French singer Gaspard Royant is inspired by rock and soul. "Have you met Gaspard Royant?" is his second opus. Presented by: Sébastien Folin ; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 10/0617:30, Sun 11/0611:30
Episode 40/50
Guest: Youn Sun Nah. Her albums and exceptional voice ensure that her fame reaches far beyond the frontiers of Asia. The South Korean jazz-singer Youn Sun Nah is back with "She Moves On", a 4th opus that borrows from rock, folk, jazz... With new versions of songs by Joni Mitchell, Lou Reed, Paul Simon... Presented by: Sébastien Folin ; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Mon 12/0622:05, Sat 17/0617:28, Sun 18/0611:31