Acoustic is the “can’t-miss” music program broadcasted each week with a special guest artist featured from the French-speaking musical industry.

Host: Sébastien Folin

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Sat 25/1117:31, Sun 26/1111:29, Tue 28/1108:30
Episode 12/30
Special feature: Barbara To mark the twentieth anniversary of Barbara's death, Alexandre Tharaud pays tribute to her with the album "Barbara". A classical pianist, he gives free rein to his admiration for the Woman in Black, performing some of her finest songs, with Tim Dup, Albin de la Simone and Hindi Zahra. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 02/1217:30, Sun 03/1211:30
Episode 13/30
Guests: Arcadian. Yoann Pinna, Florentin Cabezon and Jérôme Achermann are the three unique voices and three inseparable friends comprising the Franco-Swiss group Arcadian which has released its first eponymous opus "Arcadian", including the tracks "Folie arcadienne" and "Ton combat". A happy combination of pop and urban music with a variety of influences. Presented by: Sébastien Folin; directed by: Philippe Sommet.
Sat 09/1217:30, Sun 10/1211:29
Episode 14/30
Acoustic is the unmissable music programme that each week plays host to an artist from the French-speaking musical scene. Presented by: Sébastien Folin ; directed by: Philippe Sommet.