From Poitou-Charentes to the Basque country, and from Limousin to the Pyrenees via the Atlantic coast, discover a remarkable site in Nouvelle-Aquitaine through novel and breathtaking images taken from an unusual angle by a camera mounted on a drone.

Presented by: Éric Perrin.

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Sat 19/0117:00, Wed 23/0109:30
Episode 6/25
Heading for Xaintrie, the unexpected side of Corrèze We're off to Xaintrie, a surprising, little-known area of Corrèze. Hemmed-in between Limousin and Cantal, this region takes the form of a granite plateau with deep gorges, magnificent landscapes and an occasionally spectacular natural environment. Presented by: Éric Perrin.
Sat 26/0117:00, Wed 30/0109:30
Episode 7/25
The Tulle area, the heart of Corrèze A hilly landscape, a strange lake with surreal colours and traditional know-how linked to the land... welcome to the heart of Corrèze. From the Monédières range, famous for the last of the heather moors, to Ventadour castle, we discover this part of Limousin. Presented by: Éric Perrin.
Sat 02/0217:00, Wed 06/0209:30
Episode 8/25
Heading for Mourèze, Salagou and Navacelles, rainbow country Discovering Mourèze, Salagou and Navacelles, in the heart of Hérault. In stunning scenery, extraordinary sites that seem to be at the other end of the world or even on another planet, Éric Perrin introduces us to a geological heritage that is unique in Europe. Presented by: Éric Perrin.



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