Discover a city or region, discover a wild country, make a getaway off the beaten track, "Échappés belles" offers a breath of fresh air to the traveller who sleeps in all of us.

Presented by: Sophie Jovillard, Jérôme Pitorin, Raphaël de Casabianca.

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Fri 27/0922:00
Episode 12/23
Mauritius-Rodrigues: lagoon gems Mauritius and Rodrigues: two islands in the Indian Ocean, so near yet so different. Fine sandy beaches, endless lagoons and a luxurious natural environment make this a paradise on earth. One is a symbol of luxury tourism while the other, less well-known, aims to focus on ecotourism. Presenter: Sophie Jovillard.
Sun 29/0918:19, Fri 04/1022:00
Episode 14/23
Weekend in Collioure Introducing a surprisingly little-known section of the Mediterranean coast, a secret spot between the sea and the mountains: the Vermillion coast and surrounding countryside dominated by the legendary Mount Canigou. Presentation: Raphaël de Casabianca.
Sun 06/1018:20, Fri 11/1022:00
Episode 15/23
Jordan, daughter of the desert Jordan, a young state in a 9000-year-old region, is a crossroads, a land of immigrants whose fragile cohesion is based on a unifying, mythicized monarchy. Raphaël criss-crosses this land of migrations and religions, one which varies between patriarchy, Bedouin traditions and rapid development.... Presentation: Raphaël de Casabianca.