''Littoral'', a program meant for those who love the sea, takes you on a trip along Atlantic coastlines. From Dunkerque all the way to Saint Jean de Luz in the south, discover and see lives lived. Immerse yourself into the picturesque and stunning coastal landscape, along with impromptu encounters and many stories behind this scenic journey.
Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Running time: 26 min
Partner: France 3 West

Next airing time:
Tue 06/0609:31
Episode 31/33
Lives and passions Arnaud de Wildenberg has travelled all around the world, but found a whole new lifestyle at Belle-Île. Jean-Louis Dauga´s life is devoted to wood in all forms and all varieties. Finally, Gwenzenneg is a shipwreck sculptor, turning humble remains into incredible works of art... Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Tue 13/0609:30
Episode 32/33
The seagull´s cry In a few decades, the seagull made its home on the rooftops of coastal towns. This seabird can swim but dislikes getting wet. Opportunistic and crafty, it raids our bins. The more we consume, the better it thrives. Today however, this cohabitation between man and bird is becoming difficult... Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Tue 20/0609:29



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