''Littoral'', a program meant for those who love the sea, takes you on a trip along Atlantic coastlines. From Dunkerque all the way to Saint Jean de Luz in the south, discover and see lives lived. Immerse yourself into the picturesque and stunning coastal landscape, along with impromptu encounters and many stories behind this scenic journey.
Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Running time: 26 min
Partner: France 3 West
Next airing time:
Tue 28/1109:30
Episode 9/12
The children of the waves For a year, Christian Roche followed the young sports people from Brittany's centre of excellence for surfing. He takes to the water alongside 14-year-old Maëlys Jouault, who hopes to compete in the next Olympic Games. Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Tue 05/1209:32
Episode 10/12
Sea, salt and spirulina Laurent Marvyle invites you to discover the salt road. Stéphane Guichen is from Brittany and has become a salt farmer in Beauvoir-sur-Mer, Vendée. And then, spirulina is gaining in popularity: this green seaweed is also cultivated in Brittany. Presenter: Laurent Marvyle.
Tue 12/1209:28
Episode 11/12
Imagination and poetry Sea monsters or characters? The seashore appears as artist´s studio where, over time, the sea has carved the coastal rocks. The sea has always inspired poets; those of the "Littoral" are 12 years-old living in Concarneau, in the midst of the blocks of council flats. Presenter: Laurent Marvyle.



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