''Littoral'', a program meant for those who love the sea, takes you on a trip along Atlantic coastlines. From Dunkerque all the way to Saint Jean de Luz in the south, discover and see lives lived. Immerse yourself into the picturesque and stunning coastal landscape, along with impromptu encounters and many stories behind this scenic journey.
Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Running time: 26 min
Partner: France 3 West

Next airing time:
Tue 04/0409:29
Episode 23/26
Saint-Malo's watchman and the auctioneer's eye Danger in St Malo! The tide can sweep you away, but fortunately Hugo's there to protect careless walkers. The smell of sea spray in the auction room. With paintings and nautical items, the auctioneer Mr Cosquéric gives us a tour. Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Tue 11/0409:30
Episode 24/26
Summer home and freedom A behind-the-scenes look at the Océanopolis treatment centre, in the company of marine mammal specialist Sami Hassani, culminating in the release of seals. Seals who will now regain their freedom and possibly meet the lovely Joséphine. Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.
Tue 18/0409:30
Episode 21/26
Water, flowers and cartography Laurent Marvyle gets in the water, for a closely monitored dive. Using rapeseed or sunflower oil for engine power, why fishermen love flowers! Producing sea charts at Le Conquet, a journey back in time with Guillaume Brouscon, a 16th century figure. Presented by: Laurent Marvyle.



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