At the wheel of her combi, Émilie Broussouloux brings us to explore the extraordinary places and sites, to meet those who make the wealth and lifestyle of the Occitanie region. 

Presented by : Émilie Broussouloux

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Sat 27/0716:59, Wed 31/0709:30
Episode 9/22
The Haut-Rouergue A journey through the Haut-Rouergue, a region in the northern Aveyron with incredible beauty spots such as the "Trou de Bozouls" and "Clapas de Thubiès". It's also an opportunity to join Émilie to explore the town of Espalion: its market selling local produce, knife manufactory and famous game of skittles. Presented by: Émilie Broussouloux.
Sat 03/0817:00, Wed 07/0809:30
Episode 10/22
The city of Carcassonne We head to Carcassonne, in the Aude. Each year the largest fortress in Europe welcomes over two million tourists. Émilie Broussouloux takes us on a torch-lit visit after-dark, to discover the dark and little known history of the mediaeval city. Presented by: Émilie Broussouloux.
Wed 14/0809:30
Episode 11/22
Nîmes Off to Nîmes, capital of the Gard and Gallo-Roman city par excellence. Its monuments, including the famous arenas, are amongst the best-preserved in the world. On the programme: heritage and grand Roman games, how to harvest and make olive oil, craftwork with the famous denim originally meaning "from Nîmes"... Presented by: Émilie Broussouloux.



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