In each episdoe, Dr Kfoury visits various corners of the globe. He explores the harmonious connection between people and animals, where sometimes animals of the wild are kept as pets or better yet, companions. Join us for curious journeys to Thailand, India, Japan and more.

Directed by: Sean White, Sylvie Peltier (Canada, 2014)
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Fri 24/0200:02
Episode 1/4
In Japan, Dr Kfoury encounters people who raise and collect diverse animals ranging from nishikigoi carp to the Shiba-inu dog, a true national treasure. He explores the science that makes the glass frog transparent and learns about the tanuki, or raccoon dog. Directed by: Sean White, Sylvie Peltier (Canada, 2014)
Fri 24/0212:00, Fri 03/0300:02
Episode 2/4
India Dr Kfoury visits India, where people and animals live in harmony. This freedom arises from the spiritual importance of animals such as the cow and monkey. He examines the snake charmer as an emblematic figure and the rat as symbol of goddess Karni Mata. Directed by: Sean White, Sylvie Peltier (Canada, 2014)
Sat 25/0215:00, Mon 27/0222:37, Fri 03/0312:00
Episode 3/4
Thailand Dr Kfoury meets mahouts living in the company of elephants, true icons of the Thai culture. He learns about the work performed by buffalo, tours a coconut plantation where monkeys do the harvesting and visits a Buddhist sanctuary that is home to some 100 tigers and tigons. Directed by: Sean White, Sylvie Peltier (Canada, 2014)





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