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A shortage of space means three women, with absolutely nothing in common, have to share a cell intended for a single prisoner. From now on they will have to learn to live together…

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Wed 29/0518:19
Episode 3/3
Episode 3 Leïla continues to refuse to help the police catch Driss. Despite her condition she is sent to a disciplinary cell. The pathologist discovers that Kevin died from an overdose and not because of the accident. Isabelle sells her engagement ring and turns the page of her former life... Directed by: Jean-Marc Brondolo (France, 2018) Screenplay: Fabienne Lesieur, Nicolas Jean, Anne-Élisabeth Le Gal Cast: Noémie Lvovsky (Maude), Roxane Potereau (Leïla), Léonie Simaga (Isabelle), François Morel (Villedieu), Thierry Godard (Dominique Ténier), Catherine Jacob (Baroness), Vladislav Galard (Pascal Delcourt), Juliet Lemonnier (Pauline Estanguet), Dany Benedito (Stéphanie Roch), Joséphine Caraballo (Édith Lemoine), Étienne Diallo (Driss), Lucie Rébéré (Sophie), Mohamed Brikat (Amine), Julien Tortora (David) Genre: drama Awards: Best actress (Noémie Lvovsky, Roxane Potereau, Léonie Simaga) at the Festival de la Fiction TV, La Rochelle 2018



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