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Facing memory loss, Charles, a retired policeman, goes into a clinic specialising in treating Alzheimer's disease. Faced w...
La Cité Rose
12-year-old Mitraillette tells the story of his troubled neighbourhood in suburbian Paris.
After answering a small ad, Annette meets Paul, a farmer from the Auvergne. Head over heels in love, she gives up everythi...
Instead of a bike, 8-year-old Charly was gifted a plane which he has to build on his own from Pierre, his father. He soon ...
Le Marquis
A petty criminal, Thomas Gardesse takes on the identity of The Marquis, a master thief whose face remains a secret.
Le métis de Dieu
Jean-Marie Lustiger converted from Judaism to Catholicism at fourteen against the will of his parents. After becoming a pr...
L'enquête Corse
Rémi François, alias Jack Palmer, is a Parisian police officer who has been given the task to find Ange Léoni, a Corsican ...
L'escalier de fer
Étienne often suffers intense pain after meals. What if his wife Louise were poisoning him little by little?
Fiona, a fast-food manager, finds herself trapped overnight in the cold room. The shock ignites a secret passion in her. D...
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