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André Crettenand
News on TV5MONDE : a renewed ambition

TV5MONDE is an international channel, multilateral and francophone. Nothing happening in the world is eluded from its editorial line. Its editorial board is constantly dealing with news from different regions, while striving to focus on what is happening in the world with all its energy. This can be seen daily through its news broadcast and shows that viewers can watch regularly during the day. We are not a channel specialized only in news; rather, our editorial board is continuously staying alert round the clock.
News at TV5MONDE are intrinsically multilateral. It includes news broadcast from our partners (RTS, RTBF, Radio-Canada, France 2) around the globe, which we relay every day. This channel also takes resources from its own shows, with contribution from Swiss, Canadian, Belgian and French journalists. This joint effort blossoms into a rich and powerful network, where multiple point of views can face each other. This channel is a permanent forum, unique and unparalleled in the world.

Last but not the least, this channel is primarily francophone. What is expressed in French also reflects a way of thinking, a cultural experience which conveys values of justice, liberty and equality.
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Beyond these principles there is daily work on news analysis, verifications and treatments. Our ambition is to decipher this ever-changing world and help viewers understand it. This is a complicated but noble task that our editorial board is tackling diligently every day.

You can find TV5MONDE INFO everywhere. On television of course, but also on smartphones, tablets and other digital devices which are now a part of our daily lives.
New technologies gave us new ways of getting informed, and this is a challenge that we are ready to take on. Thanks to our website and our presence on social networks, you can find us at any time.

André Crettenand
News director